Discover a new breed of coaching, and how to live as the flow of energy rather than from the limiting energy patterns within yourself, and embody a version of yourself beyond anything you've glimpsed before.



What You Need to Know

My name is Debi Kennison and I am the founder and CEO of the Goddess Awakening Institute which offers cutting edge programs for women over 35 to inspire, inform, and empower them to find meaningful purpose and awaken to the Goddess within. I am an expert in mindfulness and intuitive development.

I have  been inspiring women to reconnect to their own inner guidance system and become more rooted and confident in who they are for over 15 years. When women are connected to their own inner guidance system and rooted in their bodies and the world they live in, they have the clarity and magnetism to attract everything they desire, whether that's a loving relationship, a career, a home, peace, or wealth. 

I also focus on empowering women through practical processes, guided meditations, mythology of women, somatic movements and other therapeutic modalities to heal past wounds and remove energetic and mental or emotional blocks through my vast knowledge and my own personal experiences.  Our biography is our biology, and the body contains within it an energetic and historical codex for all that has come before. 

I, myself, have dealt with numerous personal and health issues including an absent Father, sexual abuse, religious indoctrination and isolation, a chronic illness and an autoimmune disease, as well as a traumatic brain injury. I have learned a great deal and I have healed to such an extent from all of these events and traumas I now know it is possible to recover from such challenges and live a life people only dream of living. 

You have the power to make an informed choice about who you choose to work with to solve the problems you are experiencing, and I believe "the more you know, the better you are able to do." Life isn't always about 'doing' things, however-it should also be about 'being;' being still, being at peace, being happy, and most importantly, being YOURSELF.

You will learn how to:

-Gain clarity on how to live the life you desire

-Overcome your fear by being able to feel the fear, and not allow it to stop you anymore

-How to set clear boundaries from those that drain your energy

-Feel worthy of love, attention and success 

-Feel grounded and secure in your body, mind and spirit and make decisions from a place of trust and knowing rather than your head and ego

-Heal past wounds and grow in a safe and supported environment

Become Inspired! 

Work with someone who is informed! 

Feel Empowered to be authentically YOU!